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When access to toilet paper is a privilege……

Like many of you, I have spent a good amount of time and effort prepping for being on locked down in my home for 2 or more weeks as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic.  And like many of you, I got a little frustrated after my trip to the fifth grocery store, and I was still unable to find toilet paper!   For a moment, I started a rant in my head about this frustration, and began typing a status on Facebook about my frustration. But then, a little voice inside my head whispered for me to calm down and stop.

What a privilege that my only worry at that moment was that I couldn’t find any toilet paper. Many of the youth that come through the doors of Covenant House Greater Washington don’t have the privilege of worrying about whether they have toilet paper at this time.  As one of our youths, David (name changed for confidential reasons), said to me “Ms. Angela, some people will get this, some people will not, some people with get sick and get better, some people will not. I have too many other things to think about now.”  David is by far one of the most insightful youth that I have met since joining CHGW as the new CEO this past November. I reflected on this conversation in the middle of my “no toilet paper” rant, and would encourage you to reflect on his words too.  

So many youth with promise like David come through the doors of Covenant House Greater Washington with worry, loads of things on their minds, and history of trauma among other things. They also come through those same doors with strength beyond measure and persistence to seek and demand better for themselves.  

Regardless of what is happening in the world with this pandemic, CHGW is committed to our mission to support David and all of our youth. Our work hasn’t and will not stop. We remain of service to our youth 24/7. The pandemic may have caused to may some changed in how we serve our youth, but as one staff person said it “now is no exception of our commitment.”

You can join us in supporting youth of promise like David by visiting our donation page: 


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