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Impactful Work

At Covenant House Greater Washington our words are our actions. With unconditional love and absolute respect, we believe that we can reach a life. We are proud of our work because we are proud of the lasting impact that our unique approach makes possible, holistic wrap-around services. 



We Address Immediate Needs 

We offer housing of varied readiness that addresses each young person's level of need and preparedness. Everyday we provide nutritional meals and access to our clothing supply. 


We Offer Our Support

Our support goes beyond the tangible and immediate. We're committed to making a lasting and positive  impact. We offer mental health services to any youth that chooses to take advantage of access to concerned mental health experts.

Business Colleagues


We Create Career Opportunities 

Our job readiness and workforce development center extends its hand to every youth and meets any gap and/or aspiration. From resume assistance, career introduction, internships, and interview preparedness. 


We cultivate positive experiences 

Through engaging and intentional Covenant House Greater Washington partner and community events, we give our youth a safe space to develop new interests, hone existing positive passions, express their feelings, and engage with peers and mentor-like volunteers.

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