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Workforce Development

We work with youth independently to create a success plan tailored for their success…

A good education is fundamental to achieving financial independence as well as a successful career. Covenant House Greater Washington’s Career Pathways Program helps young people gain skills in a specific vocation and also learn what they need to know about job hunting and the professional world.  Skills taught to young people include:


  • Interviewing

  • Resume Building

  • Workplace Ethics & Behavior

  • Proper Workplace Attire

  • Computer Skills

  • Networking

  • Effective Communication


Helping our youth find jobs is the most important step to ensuring their financial independence and future success.  Our staff are sensitive to the fears that young people experience when it comes to looking for employment and handling the responsibility that keeping a job requires. They know that not all the answers can be found in a classroom or a textbook, so they make themselves available to youth by listening to their concerns and offering reassurance.  That often includes pre-interview pep talks, or even just help with choosing the right outfit for that important first meeting.

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