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The Kitchen & Pantry 

Food insecurity describes the lack of access to enough food, of adequate quality and variety, to meet dietary needs. Factors that can contribute to food insecurity include poverty, unemployment, underemployment, poor nutrition education, and awareness, or limited access to grocery stores. Food insecurity has a wide-reaching impact on individuals and communities, possibly leading to adverse health outcomes, increased risk of disease and malnutrition, educational difficulties, and social exclusion.

Feeding the community is important to CHGW because it ensures that everyone has access to food and nourishment, regardless of any situation that they may be experiencing. We help promote health, improve nutrition and quality of life, and even foster a sense of connection amongst youth peers. 

For our Youth. For our Community. 




Our pantry is dedicated to storing a variety of food, beverages, and other kitchen items. We restock items and ingredients daily so that there's always food available to our youth and families in need. 

Our kitchen is used for preparing, cooking, and baking nutritious meals daily. Equipped with commercial appliances we provide free lunches on-site at the Service Center, Monday through Friday,

12 pm - 1 pm. 

CHGW's kitchen plans, prepares and delivers nutrtional meals throughout the day to youth who reside in our resident programs.

1 out of 10 residents of the metropolitan Washington region is food insecure.*  

Capital Area Food Bank 

Thank you to our Pantry Partners

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CHGW Kitchen & Pantry

CHGW Kitchen & Pantry

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