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From StreetSense: Hundreds of young people in DC do not have a place to live. Here’s how one nonprof


Participants in the Covenant House's annual "Sleep Out" event prepare for the evening's march to Freedom Plaza. Photo by Will Schick.

About 40 people gathered in downtown D.C. on May 19 to take part in an overnight event to raise awareness of the growing plight of young people experiencing homelessness.

The evening began with a march to Freedom Plaza and a small candlelight vigil to honor the lives of unhoused youth who died in the previous year. Just as night fell, participants huddled together in the courtyard of a nearby church, where they slept outdoors for the evening in an activity that has come to be known as the “Sleep Out.” The annual gathering has taken place locally for at least 15 years, and is organized by the Covenant House, a local youth homeless services nonprofit.

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